Sunday, January 20

The bunting song ...

Good morning Sunday ... you look lovely. 

This fine day I am cranking up ye olde Singer machine & making bunting ... lots of bunting! [Hello neck ache]

To boost me along I have a sweet song in my head about bunting by one of my favorite bands ... So I thought I would share it with you.

Buntings & new made it listings to come ... Enjoy the tune!

And why yes ... if you have never seen or heard of this band you may be still be recognising the wicked bass moves of the one & only Paul Simonon [The Clash] The brilliant talent of Damon Albarn [Blur, Gorillaz etc] The smooth guitar of Simon Tong [The Verve] & The totally awesome drumming of none other than the truly amazing Tony Allen, who is just too much of a legend to even mention his past works.

Friday, January 11

New Things ...

This week I managed to finish & upload to my made it store the new Baby Blankets I have been working on ... So I thought it was about time I shared a few images of some of the other fabric things I make with you on this here blog ... Everything I make uses natural fabrics like 100% Cotton & Wool Felt ... Of course more detailed information about each item & heaps more pictures can be found in my made it store or my website ...


 Baby Blankets with kawaii appliqué wool felt sleeping baby animals
 Rattle Blocks & Balls

 Hand stitched Felt Animal Friends ... I love the Deer Fawn :)
More Rattle Blocks & Balls with a Cuddle Cloth ~ because matching sets make awesome gifts!
Hand stitched Wool Felt Baby Shoes
  The shoes I make come in a little shoe box I make from a cereal box
  Felt friends in the garden [where animals like to play] 
Bunting for your garden tea party [because felt friends love tea parties]

Thanks for looking ... 

Till next time ...

Tuesday, January 8

Front Page Happiness

I just love it when one of my items is chosen for the front page of

Today's theme is all about Summer Fruits, & i made this for you's Apple & Pear Cuddle Cloth as included.
Much Happiness !!

Thanks to all at made it. What a great way to start the day!

Monday, January 7

Web site is À go.go

After a year of faffing around, I finally got around to re-building my website & it is on line!


Gone are the restorations, leadlight, ceramics & all
of the hot things from the kiln, now it is all about 'i made this for you' & the fun fabric things these hands create.

This is a handmade life that I am living, so of course I built the site myself.
Feel free to comment & leave an opinion of your world wide web experience, but please be kind to this little crafter.

There is a little badge just over there to the side ... or maybe you are old skool & like the wordy linkages?

Anyway ... There is more work to be done today ... Can't sit around typing all day ... New adorable cotton baby blankets are arriving very soon to my made it store ... Maybe today / maybe tomorrow ... I will keep you posted ...

Cheers for now ...

Saturday, January 5

Tell me if I get too personal ...

Getting too personal is not something I intended for this typing on a computer & making it public thing, but in a way it is about my crafting & making, so I take a deep breath & spill the beans.

If you live in Victoria, if you live in the sticks, or with big trees & lots of them, you know all about bush fires. And if you were there in '83, then '09 probably brought back more memories than you cared to remember.
Yesterday was one of those days where the CFA map was red [indicating extreme fire danger,] the temperature was something stupid above 40ºC, & the wind blew so hot & fast it was like standing in front of an industrial heater.

I don't like those days.
In fact those kinds of days scare the heck out of me. It makes it virtually impossible for me to be able to chill out / relax, & enjoy a day of mothering & hand making.
It is the kind of day where I don't feel safe living here in this beautiful house that I built with my own hands, intended with the specific purpose of making creating things much easier & roomier than my previous inner city abode, [that was being held together with masking tape & 130 years of paint layers.]
So instead of working on my 'i made this for you to-do list', yesterday I spent the day with my daughter at one of those hideously big shopping centres, the kind that have air conditioning, food courts, & cinemas. I felt safe there, & my heart could beat at a normal pace. We watched movies & ate ice cream & finally came home well after dark.
There was not much else I could do given the circumstances.

So I suppose I am writing this as much for myself as for anyone else at this stage.
Yesterday has confirmed my feelings of not allowing anything this year to stop me from making & creating. Last year a lot of 'personal' things stopped me from being able to make things … & when I got to the end of the year I was a bit disappointed in myself about how far my micro business had progressed & how I had let things get in my way, [still the website was not finished, & I was still not where I wanted to be with it all. Although I had made some pretty spiffy things that I could be proud of.]

But as I was recently told by someone - This year is my year!
It is the 13th year of the new millennium & I have always been a number 13 baby… so this year is mine. Nothing will get in my way this year. [Apart from mother nature & her crazy hot, windy days where I just don't feel safe.] So to remedy this, I have made concrete my resolution to move back into the innerness of my city before the next summer, even if it means not having as much space as a greedy crafter desires, & letting go of my own lovingly hand crafted house.
I just prey I make it through this summer first.

Now … back to work ...

Wednesday, January 2

The first time ...

 O.K. ... So I used to have a similar opinion to blogging as my favorite character Hank Moody ...

"People…they don’t write anymore - they blog.
Instead of talking, they text, no punctuation, no grammar: LOL this and LMFAO that. You know, it just seems to me it’s just a bunch of stupid people pseudo-communicating with a bunch of other stupid people at a proto-language that resembles more what cavemen used to speak than the King’s English."

But here I am.

It seems, that to be a 'stuck at home crafter', it is vital to use this here internet thinggie to communicate, & share your creations with the larger outside world.
But do not let my Hank Moody quote get you down.
It can be a great thing to be able to share your experience, knowledge & your skills of how to make & make do in these modern times, with a whole world wide web of people.
Heaven knows I have learned a lot of new skills through what I have found out there in the internet world ... and it all just waiting for me inside my computer!
So t
his here blog will only be used for good, not evil.
It will be a place for my musings & discoveries of all things crafty & micro businessy ... along with some lovely pictures of the things I make, & things that have inspired me, or that I find to be simply awesome out there in the craft makers landscape.

So to tell you a tiny little bit of what I do ... I make things [fun fabric things to be precise] & sell them online, exclusively through ... here is a link to my store if you care to take a gander

Rest assured I will be back, [when I get the knack of this form of communication] with some inspiring & lovely handmade things to share ... & less of the Hank Moody approach to it all.

Happy day!
I am off to hand stitch some satin binding onto some felt appliquéd baby blankets I have been aching to finish ... till next time ...